Our qualitative leadership assessment includes customizing the interview protocol, conducting interviews to gather valuable feedback, and summarizing the feedback into an executive summary report. The feedback is then shared with the leader and followed with a development conversation. This process is particularly effective in helping leaders and teams become more self-aware individually and collectively.

Through this process, leaders are able to access a robust set of data resources to help them gain deeper insight into their effectiveness and identify their development objectives.


The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is an online 360° assessment designed to provide leaders with a snapshot of how others experience them as leaders. It is an integrated tool that incorporates the best theory and research in leadership development, adult development theory, psychology, and performance. The assessment measures a leader’s effectiveness around such creative competencies as achieving results, setting strategic direction, leading with integrity, developing others, and maintaining work/life balance.

The profile also reveals tendencies that get in the way of leaders being more effective such as overemphasizing the need to be accepted by others and/or belong to a group, being too critical of others as a self-protection strategy, and leveraging excessive control over tasks, people, and/or processes. All of these tendencies have a self-limiting effect on the leader’s success in being more creative.

The LCP is grounded in solid research and correlates leadership behaviors to business performance. This research builds a strong case that how a leader shows up with their team and organization does matter – from both a relationship and results perspective.


The COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT™ provides an efficient and cost-effective way to gain insight into your culture as influenced by the collective leadership. The survey can be administered to both teams and organizations. The assessment provides leadership teams with data on their current leadership culture, and then compares that data with their optimal culture. The gap between the current culture and desired outcome instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development. Furthermore, the Collective Leadership Assessment measures how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.

The assessment uses the same leadership competency framework (Creative/Reactive) that makes the Leadership Circle Profile so powerful and effective. This allows for a connection between the individual 360° assessment tools and the collective leadership results.


The Caliper Profile is a self-assessment that accurately measures an individual’s personality attributes, characteristics, and motivations to predict on-the-job behaviors and potential. Scientifically validated by nearly six decades of research, the Caliper Profile measures 22 robust traits and offers general and local norms. The assessment data can be utilized throughout the employee lifecycle including: selection, development, promotion, team building, and succession planning.


The Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQ-i 2.0) measures distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning. The assessment helps leaders gain a deeper understanding of how their emotional intelligence affects their leadership effectiveness and performance – specifically in the areas of conflict resolution, change management, teamwork, decision making, and stress tolerance. It also measures the leader’s “well being” – a measure of happiness which correlates to performance. The EQ-i assessment is used within our leadership programs and explores the importance of being an emotionally intelligent leader.