Who We Are

We are an international leadership development firm that works with a variety of organizations, from start-up ventures and fast growing mid-market companies to large global corporations. Although our clients are diverse, they share one common denominator – they are serious about investing in and developing their current and future talent.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to increasing the health, vitality, and productivity of the workplace by developing more effective leaders. Leaders not only need a diverse set of skills, capabilities, and tools; they must also be more conscious of how they’re showing up and impacting the people they lead. We give leaders the skills, tools, and personal insight to strengthen their capabilities and their leadership presence. The result is sustainable growth and change.

Meet Our Team

A man with grey hair and wearing black is smiling.

Tom Athenour

Co-Founder, CEO

Tom’s mission is to help people achieve positive, lasting change for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Ali Bell

Executive Assistant

Ali believes wholeheartedly in the importance of encouraging and supporting others so that they can do their best work.

A woman smiling in front of some books.

Natarsha Hearn

Consultant/Executive Coach

Natarsha's passion is to help people achieve positive, lasting change for themselves and their organizations.

A woman with short hair smiles for the camera.

Shalini Singh

Consultant/Executive Coach

Shalini embraces authenticity and strongly believes that we can create new behaviors throughout our adult lives.

A woman with long hair and white shirt smiling.

Jill Athenour

Co-Founder, VP of Operations

Jill is passionate about empowering people to make courageous choices and go after the life they envisioned.

A man with blonde hair and glasses smiling.

Jim Anderson

Consultant/Executive Coach

Jim loves serving individuals and organizations interested in improving their effectiveness and self-awareness.

Mike Jett

Consultant/Executive Coach

Mike's hope is to encourage people to find the way to a life fully lived, a life that is valued and without regret.

A woman with glasses and brown hair wearing a black and white shirt.

Kristie Wright

Consultant/Executive Coach

Kristie’s goal is to support leaders in their pursuit of personal as well as professional well-being and success.

A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Cathy Sonderman

Director of Client Services

Cathy's purpose is to help leaders tap into their full potential and live more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

A man with grey hair and a gray shirt.

Dori Ben-Chanoch

Consultant/Executive Coach

Dori is passionate about working one-on-one with executives, helping them to hone their skills.

A woman with long hair and wearing a blue sweater.

Julie Klingel

Consultant/Executive Coach

Julie is committed to supporting others in liberating their potential to create lives of greater meaning.