Consultant/Executive Coach

Mike Jett is an executive coach and a business consultant with extensive experience in manufacturing and supply chain management. He has 38 years of experience in various executive leadership positions with Honda of America, including assignments in Ohio, Georgia, and a 2-year assignment in Tokyo, Japan. During his time with Honda, Mike was heavily involved in programs to grow the leadership capabilities of top talent. His focus was on creating a legacy of leaders with diverse backgrounds.

Mike describes his coaching philosophy in this manner: “When the road forward looks hard and dark and the light of power-fulfilling choices is dim, my job as a coach is to be out front, or in some cases leading from behind, encouraging, pointing the way to a life fully lived, a life that is valued and without regret!”

Mike retired from Honda in September of 2020. He has earned the the Coach Training Institute designation of Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC). He is also certified in the Leadership Circle 360° assessment.