Team Leadership Program

The Team Leadership program focuses on effectiveness of the collective team. The program starts with a Team Culture Survey assessment to measure the current culture of the team, and then compares that current state with the team’s ideal or aspirational culture. We then facilitate a team session on the importance of aligning the team’s culture with the organization’s vision, purpose and strategic objectives. The team explores the gaps between their current state and ideal state and identifies key areas for development.

From the initial assessment session, the team addresses a variety of leadership areas including building trust, working with conflict, collaborating more effectively, giving and receiving peer to peer feedback, and building trust.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Providing insight to the team on their collective effectiveness and ineffectiveness, and then connecting their leadership work to their strategy
  • Creating a high-performing and healthy culture that is shaped and owned by the team
  • Developing a culture of feedback and accountability which enables the team to more effectively address disagreements, lean into challenges and take advantage of opportunities


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